Investment Strategy

PPC focuses on stable, growth-oriented middle market companies with equity investments ranging from $25 million to $150 million.

Our Approach

Our tailored investment criteria centers on finding ideal partners and opportunities, underpinned by decades of experience investing through all market conditions.

We prioritize investments in stable businesses with non-discretionary demand, a clear value proposition, and recurring revenue.

We target companies headquartered across North America.

Target Investment Criteria

investment size

$25M - 150M


$5M - 30M+

enterprise value

$50M - 500M+

Controlling Interest

  • Flexibility to deploy alternative structures
  • Responsible amount of leverage

Strong Management

  • Seeking partnership
  • Looking to transform and / or scale underlying business

Large Markets

  • Growth potential
  • Opportunities in fragmentation

Growth Stewardship Defined

PPC’s growth stewardship model brings a unique combination of discipline, depth, decisiveness, and drive that seeks to increase the value of the assets and businesses entrusted to our care.

A deep commitment to effectively deploy resources and direct actions to increase the value of an asset entrusted to one’s care over time.

With decades of seasoned leadership, a deep bench and unrivaled views of the modern dealscape, PPC has elevated the role of PE investment partner to long-term growth stewards.


  • Motivated to lead and guide
  • Centered on continuous improvement
  • Invested in partner success


  • Established team of thoughtful leaders who understand complexity
  • Well-capitalized and supportive of ongoing investment
  • Follow-through to uncover opportunities beyond the first idea


  • Prioritizing stable, non-discretionary businesses
  • Focused on targeted verticals
  • Patience through flexible capital


  • Experienced partners and shared decision makers
  • Relentless ability to get answers quickly
  • Accountable at every stage